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14103.30 kHz USB
10147.30 kHz USB
  7047.30 kHz USB
  5354.00 kHz USB
Day & Night
  3610.00 kHz USB


RPN Manual latest release
09MAY18       0800z

ZS6SS, Selwyn sk
With deep regret we must announce the passing of our RPN friend Selwyn Staples, ZS6SS.
He went silent already on Saturday 22nd October 2016.
Unfortunately this message took way too long until we got notice of it.

SCS Tracker FW 1.7 d (Delta)
was released by SCS. It includes a full new manual as of this firmware and update information.

APRSdroid & SCS PTC-IIIusb for RPR
Connect APRSdroid via Bluetooth to a PTC-IIIusb and enjoy the RPN.
Init String for TNC (KISS):
pska 800
tones 4
baud r300
You may want to adjust the 800mV when AF-input (or MIC-gain) is already at minimum and ALC is not within limits yet.

ITS HF Propagation new version 2018-04-17 click here to download

XLX147A & TG24098 now transcoded internally
The AMBE3003USB board providing internal transcoding is now active. All D-Star protocols (DCS, REF & XRF) are transcoded towards DMR & vice versa.

RPN on Zello
For those who like to meet on Zello the channel Robust Packet Network is available.
Group type is Zelect+ to stay "private" (only licensed amateurs) and so have the opportunity to crosslink to RF at a later stage.

Zello channel Robust Packet Network

PACTOR Meeting Point
For those who like to meet & greet RPN members via PACTOR check 7046,3 kHz USB connected mode.
Stations standby at times: DO1HH OH6DL SA7SKY SV1UY

60m Band
5354.00 kHz USB in operation.
For latest IARU 60m band information click here

APRSIS32 portnames
Please find under Tips & Tricks a new handout on how to make status & DX reports smarter using APRSIS32. Or click here

New WHERE-IS query
New APRS request generated by K4FHK. Check page 9-10 on APRS Queries Handbook.
click here

SA7SKY-10 & OH6DL-10
are operating as RPN1-1 DIGI on 30m & 60m HX.
This service targets Northern Scandinavia. If you wish to be digipeated put RPN1-1 instead of WIDE1-1 in your path.

8 WhatsApp Group Members Robust Packet Network
If you want to join sent a SMS to
CROSS FOUR SIX 725488404

86 Twitter Followers @robustpacket

111 HAMs listed in the RPR-HF-APRS community

252 RPR Group Members on [robustpacket]

73 PACTOR Group Members on [pactor]

• R E P E A T I N G •

Europe 30m Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default

CF 14103.80 = DIAL 14102.30
CF 10147.80 = DIAL 10146.30
CF 7047.80 = DIAL 7046.30
CF 3610.50 = DIAL 3609.00
SCS Tracker Firmware

FIRMWARE 1.7 d (Delta)
TRConfig V.
& Manuals
SCS Tracker 'Facelift' including 5 Volt supply
Please use WIDE1-1 only RPN digipeaters accept WIDE1-1 only
Please avoid rx-only IGATES on RPN Please 2-way IGATES on RPN

Solar-Terrestrial Datas Maximum Usable Frequency [MUF] Worldwide

MUF Germany - Juliusruh MUF Belgium - Dourbes MUF Czech Republic - Pruhonice

RPR Signal Check

Twente WebSDR
Computer Version

Twente WebSDR
Mobile Version

Mobile Version
Twente SDR Check - Computer Version
Click the image
& for the same view follow these steps

❶ Frequency 10147.30
❷ Bandwith USB
❸ Waterfall view max in
Twente SDR Check - Mobile Version Twente SDR - Mobile Version - QR Code

Android best with
Firefox Mobile

Position Twente WebSDR
52.2380 N
006.8584 E
University, Carré Building

US-American Additional Frequencies
  3598.00 kHz USB - General Usage
  7101.00 kHz USB - HF SkipNET / BBS-to-BBS Forwarding
  7103.00 kHz USB - Network 40R / General Usage / Limited BBS-to-BBS
10145.50 kHz USB - Network 30R / General Usage / Limited BBS-to-BBS
18108.00 kHz USB - General Usage
21098.00 kHz USB - General Usage
28148.00 kHz USB - Network 10R / General Usage

North America

Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default


Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default


Random Stations in the RPN - max 20 by default

Please join the YAHOO Group [robustpacket] and follow the debate about philosophy changes of IGATEs & DIGIPEATERs in Europe on the 30 meter band.
Please write your own ideas & opinions into that discussion platform and by that share it with everyone and build majorities.
Please do not write to the Robust Packet Network Administrator as that position is only a collector's role for results & informations.
Please find here as link some selected educational conversation